Saturday, November 23, 2013

Poland - Part III

I know I should publish more pictures, more often...

Two more pictures from my trip to Cracow

All Saints at Warsaw's oldest cemetery - for this special weekend in Catholic Poland, special buses are working so that people can go to the cemetery more directly.

 11 Listopada - Independence Day. 
For three years now (since the Smolensk plane crash), violence in protests on this day has increased. My Polish mentor warned me a while before - I shouldn't be surprised to see people manifesting with political revendications on this day. Apart from the official parade with members of the government, some people were gathering near the Palac Kultury i Nauki with numerous Polish flags. Besides some young and old "normal"-looking people, we quickly saw an other kind of protesters: ultra-nationalist groups, all very stereotyped (bold or short hair, military clothes, looking harsh, etc). I have to admit that I wish I would have stayed more and photographed the protest deeper (the demostrators destroyed things at the Russian Embassy, and set fire to a rainbow, which was a LGBT symbol), but I didn't. I wasn't feeling comfortable beeing there and was a bit scared for my camera.

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