Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Poland - Part I

ok, so my trip to Poland (where I'm spending one semester as an Erasmus student) will consist in several posts on this blog. no particular order or type of post.( i also have pictures taken with my phone, but it's not quality photos, just spontaneous snapshots of things i find amusing. i will make a blog post later for them, i think.)

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view from the plane

on the first saturday, a week after my arrival in Poland, 
we visited the region of Białowieża, near Belarus.

orthodox church

this weekend, we went on another short trip

countryside, near Tykocin, and one of the national parks


the second biggest synagogue of Poland, in the town (it was my first time visiting a synagogue)

the campus of the faculty of technology, in Białystok, where I'm staying for a month to learn Polish. Białystok was the hometown of the founder of Esperanto.

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