Friday, July 05, 2013

Central Europe - Oradea & Budapest

We spent the first five days in Oradea, in Romania, but near the Hungary-Romania border. What we did here was a summer university. We were mixed with Romanian students who were also in European studies or International Relations. We all had presentations to do - our two teachers included - and most of them were about cross border subject. My friend's work and mine were more about transnational situations.

After that, we were supposed to head to Budapest for two/three days and then to Vienna for a couple of days as well. But for some reason our bus to go to Budapest didn't show up. Public transportation from one country to another was actually really weird, because there wasn't any regular bus line to link the two countries, only private companies of minibus. So we had to take the train... Which means we were going to arrive at Budapest 10 hours later than planned. Indeed, even though there are only 300 kilometers from Oradea to Budapest, trains are very, very slow - slower than cars or buses! It takes six fucking hours to travel 300 kilometers. When we finally arrived in Budapest, we had some time to see the city a bit, and then to go into pubs and stuff like that with some people we just met. One club where we went was particularly spectacular and very "hipster" if you want my opinion haha - too bad I didn't take any picture. 

The second day, we started the visits with the Parliament, which has a very particular story. As (part time) politics students, we were suprised to learn that soon, the number of Hungarian Parliament members will be divided by two! I already knew all the situation about the Government being very authoritarian-like (private radio stations have been shut down last year, for example), but that was another big information, and it came as a shock for me. Then, when we finished the visit, the accident happened (my friend + the tram = hospital), and of course we had to stop our travel plans. My friend was repatriated one day before our return trip date. After she left, there was only one evening left in Budapest, so I just took a walk in the "Buda" side of the city and explored the hill.

Concerning the photos: not my best ones, definitely. I apologize for that. Except two or three, it's more diary  than quality pictures.

~ ~ ~

Oradea, Romania

Budapest, Hungary

 (Subway in Budapest)


Alexandra said...

j'aime toujours autant tes photos, même si pour toi elles sont basiques, j'trouve que t’arrive à faire dégager une atmosphère et ça c'est quand même un point important pour moi :)

Weird Zoé said...

J'adore tes photos, très beau travail ! Chapeau !