Sunday, August 05, 2012


Leaving France - view of Nice (on the Côte d'Azur)

Highly disapointed by my own pictures. I only like a few of them, but most don't go well together.

I didn't want to take tourist photos - it did happen though, because when I arrived I was like "I'm in New York City - how unreal!!" (books with story taking place in NY or in the USA fed my childhood), and then this feeling disappeared; we had work to do and not a lot of time to explore the city, so we just wandered at the end of days. But the thing is that NY felt so familiar after a few days, I guess I was just unable to see the life there with real curious, greedy eyes. And I (let's say almost) failed even at capturing daily life moments in very urban New York City.

I really loved Central Park. We spent several hours there during an afternoon after the end of the shooting week, chilling and listening to music, it was quite pleasant. But I actually enjoyed every part of NY (even though I haven't explored every area) I've seen, especially Greenwish Village (looked like an american - my heart almost stopped when I passed by NYU and a group of students singing - version of London to me) and Chinatown/Little Italy. The Queens had the most interesting things to photograph. I wish I had the time to see the Bronx, Brooklyn and the islands as well but.. Next time I guess. At the end of the summer I'll have enough money to eventually buy plane tickets so I have to figure out what I plan to do next summer; I'd love to come back to NY to visit the whole city, work on a set again and maybe go to some other place in the US or in Canada while I'm on the American soil.

a house in Irvington, NY

the Hudson
in the train going to Grand Central

view of Manhattan when we were driving to the airport on the last day


Cliche Time Square Picture (actually TS kind of fascinated me)

Central Park

one of the millions of lovely squirrels living in the Park

I think this was near Queensbridge - and somehow it sums up NYC to me

urban heart

the subway speaks for the city

south Mnhttn, sunset

NYC at night


- how beautiful is the earth -

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