Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Feature #2

So this is Susannah B, she's 18, and from what I've read on flickr she's one of those successful teen photographers, her work has already been published in a lot of magazines and she won many awards. I don't feel like she's well-known on the Internet just like other young flickr photographers such as Nirrimi Hakanson (Diesel & Billabong campaigns) or Rosie Hardy (Maroon 5 album cover) but she is at least as talented as they are. I'm really impressed by what she has done so far, and believe me I don't get easily impressed. 

This (see her work below) is what I call conceptual photography. And I'd love those people with their "follow my photography page blah blah oh look i've got 2000 fans woah" on facebook to understand that just because you take a photo that could make us think of a story doesn't mean you've created a concept in your picture.


She also takes photographs which are not conceptual but still are masterpieces.