Saturday, October 01, 2011

feature #1

I remember talking about the great Izima Kaoru last year (or maybe it was just 8 months ago? i don't know), and I now really miss doing posts about something else than my own photos... So I've decided that I will feature people on this blog every week (hopefully, it will depend of who inspire me at the time). I will show only work of (young and old) confirmed photographers.

So this week I'm starting with Brice Portolano. He's 20, studies in a famous French art school. I already mentioned him on twitter this month, so if you follow me on there you might have seen his photographs before. I follow his work on the Internet since last year, and I've never been disappointed by what he publishes. His pictures show a great maturity, and he always organize them into series (what true artists usually do) - because yeah, he actually does think them.

Here's a selection.

for more photos, check him out on the Internet: