Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ice and fire


 at the Godafoss waterfall

Iceland made me think of New Zealand (I've actually never been there haha and can only judge from what I saw in The Lord of The Rings + in some documentaries), but it's supposed to be cooler and there are more volcanoes. I was surprised to see how like 80% of the population seemed to be concentrated in Reykjavik / the south-west. except a few medium-sized towns in the north, all the rest of the country only counts smaaaall villages (200 or 500 persons). everything else is desert lands or inhabited by sheep.
I've made a selection among my photos for the blog, because not all of them were interesting (I took a lot of photos of landscapes + of all the places we were visiting - waterfalls, volcanoes, geothermal phenomena... - and it's better to see those things in person than to see them in pictures). my favorites places in Iceland were the Jokulsarlon lake (where there are icebergs + cute seals), the Skogafoss waterfall, the Krafla volcano (where you can see smoking lava), the fjords in general, and Reykjavik. there is at least one picture of each of them in this post. and even if the Blue Lagoon attracts too much people, it was really pleasant to swim in its blue, hot water.
about our trip: we stayed in Reykjavik for three days (there are several things to see in the area) then drove around the island for the rest of the week. one of my biggest regret is not having been able to watch the northern lights saturday night; the sky of the place where we stayed for the night was too cloudy.. someone told me that even if it looks green on photos, our eye can only see them white.

(this one is Paris by night)

 all the pictures above are edited.
- I might add some more in the next few days