Thursday, July 28, 2011


just a simple and short shoot i did to test the 5d mark ii. when i took the photos i only had my (you know, half-broken and super cheap) 50mm 1.8 (i sold my 30mm, since the lens mount wasn't compatible with a full frame sensor) and it was definitely not great.. i'm glad i've now received my 85mm 1.8.

the 5d is amazing in low light situations, but when i took those, my shutter speed was around 200 most of the time (it was quite dark), and that wasn't really good for the shots of her turning around (that's why her hands + dress sometimes look blurry).. also, the editing doesn't satisfy me entirely. so i wouldn't say i'm glad of how the photos turned out but it's entirely my fault (i didn't planned anything & didn't directed her well). i also apologize for the repetition of the angle and places. but it's not for my portfolio or anything so i guess it's ok.