Saturday, January 01, 2011

ange noir II

First post of the year.. Resolutions? Stop hating most of my photos, take
better ones, find my own style and stop being worried about photography 
and what everyone thinks about what I do. After all, it's just a hobby and I 
only take photos because I like to, not because I want 50 likes on Facebook 
or a bunch of comments on Flickr. I'm a bit exaggerating but it's almost 
what it's like most of the time. People just want to be 'popular', but they 
should know that popularity doesn't always mean quality or talent. 
Anyway, the following photos can be divided into two mini series, 
which I edited in a different way. But don't judge me too hardly, 
I'm not as gifted as some young talented photographers 
I follow. I will never be a professional photographer, 
I just wanna try to experiment with new things. 
PS: I know I blog too much.


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