Saturday, September 04, 2010


I'm doing a film workshop this month thanks to the association  Eurica Media Lab. . and it's really amazing!

Besides the people who plan and organize everything, we are about fifteen young people (mostly French, there are only two Americans) passionated about cinema, plus several 25 years old or so people who already did or participated to a short movie. They are all so gifted! (They really are.. they make me feel very talentless.)
But the best thing is the teachers we have. The workshop began wednesday and I already had classes with Pat Darrin (DP on commercial and music videos), David Kagen (gaffer on True Blood), Thea Samuels (key make up artist on Dr House, Entourage; mua on Ugly Betty, Heroes..), Marie France (costume designer, worked for Prince), Debra Kent (producer, Sex and the city) and more! I learned so many things tn the past few days. Also, in june 2011 we will all go to New York City for six weeks to finish the workshop (we will film a short movie in the Kaufman Astoria Film Studios).

The people who run Eurica Media Lab have organized everything. And it's completely free.

Right now I have a Sex and the city script to read and a one minute synopsis to write. I can't wait to begin to shoot. It's really intensive (6 days a week, 9am until midnight) but i really like that. It's the kind of opportunity that only happens once in your life.

Anyway, if I'm writing this down here, it's because I wouldn't be there without photography.

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