Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lucille (July)

it wasn't a productive year for portraits, actually (i was too busy doing two degrees at the same time, writing my articles, etc) or good photographs in general, but i had the opportunity to travel a bit around Europe, so that was nice; i'm glad I caught these two. and now i think about it, the most frightening thing i had to experience this year happened while i was trying (or about, let's say) to take a picture. oh, life

Lucille, pictures taken in July (she both models and photographs)
i kind of dislike half of them now, but a few are my favorite portraits i've taken in a long time (i can't say of the year because they are almost the only ones - even though i have still one series to publish, the photos in it don't count as portraits).

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Poland - Part III

I know I should publish more pictures, more often...

Two more pictures from my trip to Cracow

All Saints at Warsaw's oldest cemetery - for this special weekend in Catholic Poland, special buses are working so that people can go to the cemetery more directly.

 11 Listopada - Independence Day. 
For three years now (since the Smolensk plane crash), violence in protests on this day has increased. My Polish mentor warned me a while before - I shouldn't be surprised to see people manifesting with political revendications on this day. Apart from the official parade with members of the government, some people were gathering near the Palac Kultury i Nauki with numerous Polish flags. Besides some young and old "normal"-looking people, we quickly saw an other kind of protesters: ultra-nationalist groups, all very stereotyped (bold or short hair, military clothes, looking harsh, etc). I have to admit that I wish I would have stayed more and photographed the protest deeper (the demostrators destroyed things at the Russian Embassy, and set fire to a rainbow, which was a LGBT symbol), but I didn't. I wasn't feeling comfortable beeing there and was a bit scared for my camera.

from my phone

Monday, October 21, 2013

Poland - Part II

a very late post but i had many photos to go through and not enough time
i have more from the same period, but i will publish them here later

view from the dorm in Bialystok, on a rainy day

leaving Bialystok



cathedral in a salt mine near Cracow

from my phone

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Poland - Part I

ok, so my trip to Poland (where I'm spending one semester as an Erasmus student) will consist in several posts on this blog. no particular order or type of post.( i also have pictures taken with my phone, but it's not quality photos, just spontaneous snapshots of things i find amusing. i will make a blog post later for them, i think.)

~ ~ ~ 

view from the plane

on the first saturday, a week after my arrival in Poland, 
we visited the region of Białowieża, near Belarus.

orthodox church

this weekend, we went on another short trip

countryside, near Tykocin, and one of the national parks


the second biggest synagogue of Poland, in the town (it was my first time visiting a synagogue)

the campus of the faculty of technology, in Białystok, where I'm staying for a month to learn Polish. Białystok was the hometown of the founder of Esperanto.